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Updated: Is Prostitution Immoral and Demeaning?
1/4/2018 -

Explore pro and con quotes on this controversial topic including from former Captain of the Anaheim Police Department Joe Vargas (Pro), escort, writer, and sex worker advocate Laura Lee (Con), and physicians Theodore Dalrymple (Pro) and Alexa Albert (Con).

Updated: Would Legal Prostitution Decrease Sexually Transmitted Diseases?
1/4/2018 -

Consider both sides of this debate with quotes from academics Drs. Steffanie Strathdee and Teela Sanders (Pro), politician and lawyer Cheryl Edwardes (Con), UK charity Avert (Pro), and Canadian nonprofit REAL Women of Canada (Con).

Updated: Is Legal Prostitution a Legitimate Business?
1/4/2018 -

Read our updated question with pro and con quotes from experts and organizations including the UK-based Global Network of Sex Work Projects (Pro), US-based Demand Abolition (Con), United Nations Development Programme (Pro), and journalist and cofounder of Justice for Women Julie Bindel (Con).

Should Prostitution Be Legal?
4/11/2017 -

Examine the pros and cons with quotes from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Pro), the US Department of State (Con), Jeanne LoCicero, Deputy Legal Director of the ACLU of New Jersey (Pro), and research and clinical psychologist Dr. Melissa Farley (Con), among other experts and organizations.