Paul R. Abramson, PhD, Professor of Psychology at UCLA, Steven D. Pinkerton, PhD, Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin, and Mark Huppin, JD, PhD, coauthor, wrote in their 2003 book Sexual Rights in America:

“[W]e grant that prostitution is an unpopular form of sexual expression… Imagine if the Constitution safeguarded only the most popular behavioral choices and allowed the government to restrict activities such as ice fishing, eating escargot, or keeping rats as pets. Or, to cite a more plausible example, what if only popular forms of artistic expression were granted constitutional protection? Controversial artists… would then be banished, rather than on prominent display in American museums. Sexual choices are certainly as fundamental to our lives as artistic expression, if not more so, and therefore these choices too should enjoy the full embrace of constitutional guarantees even if they upset the traditional order.”