Alan Young, LLM, Associate Professor of Law at Osgoode Hall Law School of York University, wrote in the article "Home Sweet Hooker," published in the Jan. 5, 2006 issue of NOW magazine:

“Sex trade workers have had an enormous fall from grace from the sacred temple harlots of ancient times to the marginalized outcasts exposed to all manner of violence, abuse and ridicule of today…

Every time a prostitute is arrested, two more take her place. There’s a bottomless market for their services. I’m sure some cops, lawyers and judges sometimes enter this market, but they can never admit it because it would undercut their authority to arrest, prosecute and punish those who gave them release the day before.

Whether one pays to participate in an orgy or to hire the services of a prostitute, I see no reason to bring in the heavy guns of the criminal law. When it comes to sex, I see only one legal rule of any real importance: for sex to be lawful there only needs to be consent, and it should not matter whether consent is secured by direct payment or weeks of expensive courtship with fine dining and false promises.”

Jan. 5, 2006