Julie Bindel, journalist and cofounder of Justice for Women, in an Aug. 19, 2017 article for the Spectator titled "Most 'Sex Workers' Are Modern-Day Slaves," wrote:

“We’ve become accustomed to thinking of prostitution as a legitimate way of earning a living, even ’empowering’ for women. We call it ‘sex work’ and look away. We should not.

For the last three years I’ve been investigating prostitution worldwide to test the conventional wisdom of it being a career choice, as valid as any other. I conducted 250 interviews in 40 countries, interviewed 50 survivors of the sex trade, and almost all of them told me the same story: don’t believe the ‘happy hooker’ myth you see on TV. In almost every case it’s actually slavery…

I discovered that whatever the lobbyists say, women and girls in prostitution are overwhelmingly from abusive backgrounds, living in poverty, and otherwise marginalised. They are not free or empowered: they are abused and trapped. Let’s not forget that this goes for boys too.”

Aug. 19, 2017