The Bureau of the Dutch National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings, in its Mar. 2005 report "Trafficking in Human Beings - Third Report of the Dutch National Rapporteur," stated:

“The fight against THB [trafficking in human beings] for sexual exploitation is often confused with the battle that some people wage against prostitution… [T]here are disadvantages associated with a repressive approach, since such an approach does not distinguish between victims and independent sex workers, and clients will not play a role as a potential source of information on trafficking practices…

It is often said in the media that the lifting of the general ban on brothels has led to more THB. This is not a correct conclusion. Before the lifting of the general ban on brothels, THB and other (criminal) abuses were taking place in all sectors of prostitution. Some of these sectors are now under control and can be assumed to have rid themselves of their former criminal excesses, or are doing so…It is possible that THB is increasing in the illegal, non-regulated or noncontrolled sectors. If this were to be the case, it still cannot be assumed that the extent of THB is now at the same or even above the ‘old’ level it was at before the ban on brothels was lifted. It is in fact likely that this is not the case, merely because not every client is keen to get involved in the ‘secret’ prostitution sector.”

Mar. 2005 - Trafficking in Human Beings – Third Report of the Dutch National Rapporteur