Bonnie Erbe, Contributing Editor at US News & World Report, wrote in the June 15, 2006 Seattle Post-Intelligencer article "Cry Foul on World Cup Prostitution":

“Germany is one of several European nations where prostitution is legal. Germany came late to this game, in 2002. In only four years, it built up a work force some 400,000 strong for its multibillion-dollar annual prostitution business…

My admiration for relaxed European attitudes toward sex comes to an excruciatingly cacophonous halt on the issue of legalized prostitution.

Women’s-rights activists believe the German government’s sanctioning of sex services for World Cup visitors will drive the illicit international trade in sex trafficking. This, in turn, could force thousands of unwilling women into prostitution.

Whether women enter the sex trade willingly or not, no government should sanction prostitution. By its very nature, prostitution is demeaning to women and encourages anti-social, some would say depraved, behavior by men…

German officials… should ban prostitution altogether.”

June 15, 2006