Catherine Healy, National Co-ordinator of the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective, was quoted as having stated in the Dec. 4, 2004 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) News online article "New Zealand Vice Battle 'Not Over Yet'":

“We were very determined but didn’t think we’d actually achieve getting the law changed. It was a long battle over 15 years to get those draconian measures off our statutes books.

I started working on the streets in 1972 when I was a student and then I went into brothel work and massage parlours in the 80s… The client of course was totally supported by the law – it wasn’t against the law to ask or pay for sex but it was against the law to ask for money for sex which of course was the activity the sex workers couldn’t avoid…

Since the change in the law, people feel they can approach the police and report violence. And it has changed the dynamics between sex workers and clients.”

Dec. 4, 2004