Hilary L. Surratt, PhD, et. al., in the study titled "The Connections of Mental Health Problems, Violent Life Experiences, and the Social Milieu of the 'Stroll' with the HIV Risk Behaviors of Female Street Sex Workers," in the July 2005 Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality, wrote that:

“This study… documented elevated prevalence rates of current depression and anxiety among the sample of street-based female sex workers. These data are supported by similar studies reporting high levels of past year depressive symptoms in 64% to 70% of street sex workers, and well exceed the rates of current depression in both incarcerated women (10%) and women in the general population (5% to 9%). Moreover, these levels of depressive symptoms are significantly higher than those of other female drug users who are not necessarily sex workers. For example, in a study of 420 African American female, out-of-treatment drug users in St. Louis, only 11% reported depression during the past month.”

July 2005