John Ince, Attorney and Leader of the Sex Party, wrote in a May 10, 2007 e-mail to that:

“Users would be well advised that much of the pro/con sentiment is a result of differing definitions of prostitution rather than differences on how to deal with a specific defined type of prostitution, and that if the definition was standardized much of the conflict might disappear…

For example the key elements of prostitution are: 1) sexual contact [and] 2) for money

Now sexual contact needs to be defined:

a) genital contact? So a massage therapist is not a prostitute; so a professional dominatrix who spanks and humiliates, but does not touch genitals is not a prostitute;

b) genital contact for pleasure? so a urologist is not a prostitute; so an erotic masseur is a prostitute…

c) genital contact for pleasure that includes penetration? So erotic masseurs are not prostitutes;

d) genital contact for pleasure that includes penetration in circumstances where the provider feels shame, fear, pain or exposes themselves or others to disease; so escorts who are highly selective about their clients and enjoy their work are not prostitutes.”

May 10, 2007