Joseph Parker, Clinical Director of the Lola Greene Baldwin Foundation, wrote in the article "How Prostitution Works" posted on the Lola Greene Baldwin Foundation website (accessed Jan. 19, 2009):

“People who have had luckier lives, as well as those who profit from the sex industry in some way, frequently refer to prostitution and pornography as ‘victim-less crimes’. They point to a tiny fraction of sex workers who actually might be involved by choice. They selectively read history to find some tiny minority, somewhere, at some time, who gained something in the sex business.

The very selectiveness of their attention indicates that, on some level, they know that for almost everyone, involvement in the sex industry is a terrible misfortune.

As many an old cop will say, ‘Anyone who thinks prostitution is a victimless crime, hasn’t seen it up close.'”

Jan. 19, 2009