Laura Lee, escort, writer, and sex worker advocate, in a Sep. 8, 2014 article for Ravishly titled "Sex Workers Want Rights - Not Rescue," wrote:

“To understand sex work, we must first define the term. My definition is simply two consenting adults exchanging sex for cash. This definition is important, because all too often sex work is conflated with trafficking, child sex abuse and rape – and it is these conflations that drive the scrutiny and negative attention we in the industry so often face… I believe that morality has no place in any discussion on sex work. It has a way, though, of sneaking in – often through the religious orders who are proposing the further criminalization of our trade…

Sex work is work, just like any other. And those of us in the industry deserve support and respect – not to be reviled and stigmatized. As sex workers we want rights – not rescue.”

Sep. 8, 2014