Laila Mickelwait, MPD, President and Founder of New Reality International, in a Mar. 24, 2015 article for titled "Myth vs. Fact: 6 Common Myths About Prostitution and the Law," wrote:

“[U]nder laws that legalize and try to regulate prostitution, health check cards are often given to women. In theory, the cards can be presented to buyers as proof that the women have been tested and are disease free. Under these same laws, the buyers are never required to have health check cards to present to the women. This is a biased, sexist and unjust approach.

Even when the women are tested for medical conditions, the tests are unreliable and invalid because many tests take days or weeks before the results are available. During that time, the women see more men who could be infected…

Arguing that STD testing prevents disease is like arguing that pregnancy tests prevent pregnancy. It is a fundamentally flawed line of reasoning to begin with… The only way to truly protect the health of a prostituted woman is to GET HER OUT OF PROSTITUTION.”

Mar. 24, 2015