Norma Jean Almodovar, Executive Director of Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics (COYOTE) LA and Southern California, wrote in a Jan. 2, 2007 e-mail to

“The history of the laws against prostitution and prostitution regulation… are a history of exploitation, extortion, fraud, violence etc… Reasons not to have mandatory health check ups [include]:

(1) prostitutes are responsible for about 3 to 5% of all sexually transmitted diseases in the US – high school and college age people are responsible for about 75% (according to CDC statistics). If we are to mandate health check ups because of the fear of STDS, ought we not to start with those who are most responsible for them?

(2) mandatory health check ups… led to the formation of the ‘abolitionist’ movement in the late 1800’s – the bureaucrats were extorting the prostitutes for sexual favors and money if they wanted their ‘license’ and clean bill of health…

(3) the government does not know how we do our work, so mandatory health check ups would not conform to the way we work. For instance, there are prostitutes who… bring their clients to orgasm using only their hands. Why on earth would they need to go have their sex organs inspected on a weekly basis if they don’t use them in their work?…

In the Netherlands, the government was going to impose mandatory health check ups on the sex workers, but when they learned that the sex workers were already getting tested far more frequently than the government was going to require them to, they changed their minds. Why ‘fix’ something when it ain’t broke?”

Jan. 2, 2007