The Network of Sex Work Projects and Jo Bindman, Former Information Officer with End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism (ECPAT), in the 1997 report "Redefining Prostitution as Sex Work on the International Agenda," provided the following:

“The terms ‘sex work’ and ‘sex worker’ have been coined by sex workers themselves to redefine commercial sex, not as the social or psychological characteristic of a class of women, but as an income-generating activity or form of employment for women and men…

We propose the following definition of sex work:

Negotiation and performance of sexual services for remuneration

1. with or without intervention by a third party

2. where those services are advertised or generally recognised as available from a specific location

3. where the price of services reflects the pressures of supply and demand.

In this definition, ‘negotiation’ implies the rejection of specific clients or acts on an individual basis. Indiscriminate acceptance by the worker of all proposed transactions is not presumed — such acceptance would indicate the presence of coercion.”