Randall Todd, DrPH, former Chief Epidemiologist of the Nevada State Health Division, was quoted in the Sep. 1, 2002 Overdrive Magazine article "Nevada Brothels" written by Andy Duncan as having said:

“Nevada’s attitude is: Prostitution is going to happen anyway. Given that the best efforts to end it have failed, does it not make more sense from a public-health standpoint to regulate it and minimize, as much as possible, the health consequences?

In an average year in the brothels, we might see, statewide, a dozen or two dozen cases of gonorrhea and chlamydia combined, and we have seen no syphilis cases at all in several years. That’s not really very much, since each working girl can expect five or six parties a day – much more sex than the average female would be having, so her risk of exposure is much greater. Moreover, 99 percent of the time, a legal prostitute likely got the STD from a husband or boyfriend, through ‘extracurricular’ sex, outside the brothel.”

Sep. 1, 2002