Ruchira Gupta, MA, Founder and President of Apne Aap Women Worldwide, stated in a July 19, 2013 email to

“Research and my own work with women in prostitution has shown that rarely do women, let alone girls, control the money that is earned off of their bodies. The women ends up as the consumed. In Apne Aap, we have seen that the women in the Red Light areas actually earn less as they grow older, get deeper into debt and suffer from multiple mental and physical health issues related to repeated body invasion. Their victimization is evident from any point of view physically, socially, and legally.

Prostitution is definitely not a victimless crime. Women in prostitution are victimized on an hourly basis and they are also victimized at the time of recruitment because they are victims of multiple discriminations as being girls, being poor, and very often being from marginalized race or caste communities.”

July 19, 2013