Teela Sanders, DPhil, Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Leeds, was quoted as having stated in the Mar. 8, 2007 Independent article "Against The Grain: 'Sex Workers Must Be Protected'":

“Nothing’s changed since Ipswich. Five women can be murdered and nothing will be done. A hundred sex workers have been killed in the last 10 years. Sex workers face rape, violence, and murder every day they’re out there. It’s a fact of the system and the Government knows this.

But sex work doesn’t fit the Government’s ideas of morality. It starts from a position that all prostitution is violence against women. The police say they won’t accept street prostitution, so the women are all criminals… Where prostitution is legal, in Utrecht and Cologne, there have never been any murders.

The sale of sexual services per se is not all that different from selling other services. I don’t think that sexual labour under the right conditions, as opposed to mental labour or physical labour, is about violation. Loads of sex workers have done professional jobs. A lot have been nurses. They say they did far more dehumanising things as nurses than in sex work. And they now have control over the hours they work.

Street prostitution is never going to be eradicated. Enabling women to do it safely is what policy should be about… There is an argument that regulation increases prostitution, but how do they know? If local authorities gave brothels licences they would have the ability to control it. You would have quotas and limits.”

Mar. 8, 2007