TIME magazine in the Aug. 23, 1971 article "Reflections On The Sad Profession" stated:

“The whole subject of prostitution is full of ambiguities and hypocrisies. Even to define the word is not so easy as it might seem. We generally think of the transfer of money as the element that makes prostitution a crime (although money plays a subtle part in all sorts of sexual relationships). Yet in a number of states, as well as in Webster’s newest dictionary, the definition of prostitution includes not only the exchange of money but also the rather vague concept of promiscuity… for example, forbid[ding] both getting paid for sex and ‘the offering of the body for indiscriminate sexual intercourse without hire.’ But what is ‘indiscriminate’? St. Jerome decried women who had known ‘many men,’ and monks argued over the number that would warrant condemnation; one said 40, another 23,000.”

Aug. 23, 1971