Tony Nassif, Founder and President of the Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation, wrote the July 19, 2005 letter posted on its website, which said:

“Who would ever think that the shameful and dark behavior of prostitution would now be advocated to be ‘mainstream’ acceptable in the popular culture?

How is it that it advanced this far? The degeneration of moral absolutes has been eroded by the jackhammer of existentialism and situational ethics. Years ago it was seen not only as shameful but a stigma for a man to solicit a prostitute…

Some say ‘well, what they do in the privacy of their own bedroom is no concern of mine. I don’t think we should judge. I don’t think we should impose our morals on others.’ Here’s a reality check. Every law on the books is an attempt to legislate morality because morality is a standard of right and wrong. The question is ‘which morals will govern?’ What people do in the privacy of their own bedroom does affect us all. AIDS is epidemic…

The march of the perverse will continue unless people of logic, reason and moral common sense don’t take a stand and take action to resist the movement to legalize that which destroys the souls of those who practice it and is a vehicle to infect a nation and those who practice it.”

July 19, 2005