Tony Nassif, Founder and President of the Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation, wrote in the July 19, 2006 article "Legalize Prostitution?" provided on the Cedars Cultural and Educational Foundation website:

“Whether legal or illegal, prostitution doesn’t stop the spread of disease and the devastation of the human soul as well as the disintegration of the culture, society, and nation…

Yet some promote the legalization of prostitution. This movement must be resisted for many reasons, most notably that it will perpetuate the demand for trafficked victims and the repercussion that follows.

Then there is God. No matter what our opinion is, it is God’s standard that remains. Abide by it and the nation is blessed. Reject it and we come out from under His blessing of health and prosperity. We choose. We cannot reject God’s precepts for life and prosperity by legalizing that which He condemns and yet expect His blessings for ourselves and our posterity.”

July 19, 2006