Veronica Monet, prostitute and author, wrote the Nov. 17, 2005 article "Mandatory Testing: The Fear That Feeds The Falsehood," posted on the Erotic Service Providers Union website that:

“Mandatory testing is fraught with a multitude of issues that suggest that it is not only ineffectual in reducing the incidence and spread of STIs but it may actually cause the spread of more disease. The 1800s saw a rash of Contagious Disease Prevention Acts first in England and then in the United States. Rather than reduce the spread of venereal disease, the incidence of venereal disease rose steadily during the period until the act was repealed…

Mandatory testing is the ineffectual cry of fear from those resorting to the oldest human frailty of thought and behavior: Us against them. Whether this way of thinking is applied to justify genocide, slavery, detention camps, or mandatory testing, it all boils down to a hateful attempt to separate oneself from a perceived other who serves as a scapegoat for conditions we all face as human beings.”

Nov. 17, 2005