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Agence France-Presse (AFP) Biography

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“Agence France-Presse is one of the three great international news agencies, employing about 1,320 staff journalists and photographers and almost as many regular freelance contributors around the world. With more than 110 bureaus outside France, it is able to report from every country, providing news to subscribers directly in eight languages.

Charles Havas AFP is heir to the oldest international news agency, founded as Agence Havas in 1835 by a French translator, Charles-Louis Havas. The first despatch bearing the name Agence France-Presse was filed by a body of journalists in the French Resistance who seized control of the agency’s headquarters on August 20, 1944, and proclaimed its freedom in the Liberation of Paris.

The re-born agency was established by an Act of the French parliament in 1957 as an independent, impartial news provider to subscribers in France and around the world, its independence guaranteed in law from both private and state interests.”

“Agence France-Presse,” (accessed Sep. 29, 2010)


“AFP’s mission is defined by its statutes: to report events, free of ‘all influences or considerations likely to impair the exactitude’ of its news and ‘under no circumstances to pass under the legal or actual control of an ideological, political or economic group.'”

“Agence France-Presse,” (accessed Sep. 29, 2010)

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