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Ana Lopes, PhD Biography

President of Britain's General Union (GMB) Sex Workers Branch
Pro to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“Sex workers are currently forced into dangerous working situations by the illegality surrounding their profession, and do not feel able to report offences or concerns to police for fear of arrest… ASBOs and proposed laws to criminalise clients are forcing them into increasingly vulnerable situations. Decriminalisation would allow them to work safely and be protected by European labour laws. It is also an essential starting point to reducing stigma against sex workers which leads to their being even more

Sex workers are part of the community and should be treated as such, not as a public disorder problem. We believe ways can be found to manage street sex work through cooperation with workers so that any inconvenience to the community is minimised. Police forces need to develop strategies to decrease violence in cooperation with workers, groups and unions such as ourselves, and the local community.”

International Union of Sex Workers Press Release, Dec. 17, 2006

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • President, Sex Workers Branch, Britain’s General Union (GMB)
  • Founder and President, International Union of Sex Workers (IUSW)
  • PhD, University of East London
  • MSc, Anthropology, University of London
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  1. Is Legal Prostitution a Legitimate Business?