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Ann Landers Biography

Advice Columnist
Pro to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“For many years, I have been in favor of legalizing your profession and have said so. But please do not try to persuade anyone that babies would starve if their mothers did not go into prostitution. There are many other options — government assistance is the best known. I won’t go down the list of others, but no woman in America needs to sell her body to make a living — unless, of course, she wants to.”

Ann Lander’s Column, Apr. 3, 1999

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Advice Columnist, 1955-2002
  • Boardmember, National Cancer Institute, 1980-1986
  • Albert Lasker Award for Public Service, Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation, 1985
  • President’s Commission on Drunk Driving Boardmember, 1981
  • Former Member, Advisory Committee to the Director, National Institutes of Health
  • Former Party Chair, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin, Democratic Party
  • Attended Morningside College
  • Real name: Esther Pauline Friedman Lederer
  • Deceased: June 22, 2002