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Britain Home Office Biography

Con to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“Following on from the Paying the Price consultation in July 2004, which elicited 800 responses, the government has launched their long-term prostitution strategy….

The strategy’s five key aims are:

  • prevention – awareness-raising, prevention and early intervention measures to stop individuals, particularly children and young people, from becoming involved in prostitution
  • tackling demand – responding to community concerns by deterring those who create the demand and removing the opportunity for street prostitution to take place
  • developing routes out – providing a range of support and advocacy services to help people get out of prostitution
  • ensuring justice – bringing to justice those who exploit individuals through prostitution, and those who commit violent and sexual offences against those involved in prostitution
  • tackling off-street prostitution – targeting commercial sexual exploitation, in particular where victims are young or have been trafficked “

Press Release, Jan. 17, 2006


“The Home Office leads a national effort to protect the public from terror, crime and anti-social behaviour. We secure our borders and welcome legal migrants and visitors. We safeguard identity and citizenship. We help build the security, justice and respect that enable people to prosper in a free and tolerant society.” (accessed July 2, 2007)


“We work with our partners and the public on a national and local level to:

  • help people feel secure in their homes and communities
  • cut crime, especially violent, drug and alcohol related crime
  • lead visible, responsive and accountable policing
  • protect the public from terrorism
  • secure our borders, and control migration for the benefit of our country
  • safeguard people’s identity and the privileges of citizenship
  • support the efficient and effective delivery of justice”

“About Us,” Britain Home Office website (accessed Feb. 4, 2008)

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