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Con to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“If prostitutes are not incarcerated and they continue to ply their trade on the streets, their continued presence will impact the entire community (Maxwell & Maxwell, 2000; Weiner, 1996). Whether prostitution attracts other crime or whether other crime attracts prostitution is debated. Regardless of the direction of association, prostitution not only ensures violence towards those involved, it also disintegrates communities and affects the safety of our streets.

In addition to reducing the barriers prostitutes face and ensuring the benefits of leaving the streets are felt by those exiting, discouraging other crime and areas of crime is also needed. Community building is key in addressing any type of criminal event. Making positive change by organizing ‘neighbourhood patrols, meetings with politicians, public awareness events, and rallies’ can deter criminals and deviant activities from taking place in the area (Alston, 2004). Thus, prostitution is a dynamic enterprise which requires efforts from all stakeholders involved to alleviate the incidences and harm caused by such activities.” (accessed Feb. 27, 2007)


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