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Harry Browne Biography

1996 and 2000 Libertarian Party Candidate for U.S. President
Pro to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“It’s not difficult for a free society to keep violent crime to a minimum — with little intrusion on individual liberty and at relatively low cost. But governments also prosecute ‘victimless’ crimes. These are acts that (1) are illegal, (2) involve no intrusion on anyone’s person or property, and (3) about which no injured party files a complaint with the police. These acts include such things as prostitution, gambling, and drug use. They are activities in which all parties participate voluntarily….

Either individuals are responsible for their own acts — including their choices of relationships — or the government is responsible for everything you do. There is no middle ground. Giving government the power to outlaw consensual activity allows the politicians to impose any laws they want on you. And they will use that power.”

The Great Libertarian Offer, 2000

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Candidate for U.S. President, Libertarian Party, 2000
  • The Thomas Paine Award, Libertarian Party, 1998
  • Candidate for U.S. President, Libertarian Party, 1996
  • Former Director, Free Market News Network
  • Co-Founder and Former Director, Public Policy,
  • Former Investment Advisor
  • Former Author
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  • Deceased: Mar. 1, 2006
Quoted in:
  1. Is Prostitution a Victimless Crime?