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International Committee for Prostitutes' Rights Biography

Pro to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“Decriminalize all aspects of adult prostitution resulting from individual decision.

Decriminalize prostitution and regulate third parties according to standard business codes. It must be noted that existing standard business codes allow abuse of prostitutes. Therefore special clauses must be included to prevent the abuse and stigmatization of prostitutes (self-employed and others).

Enforce criminal laws against fraud, coercion, violence, child sexual abuse, child labor, rape, racism everywhere and across national boundaries, whether or not in the context of prostitution.

Eradicate laws that can be interpreted to deny freedom of association, or freedom to travel, to prostitutes within and between countries. Prostitutes have rights to a private life.”

World Charter for Prostitute’s Rights, Feb. 1985


Organized first World Whores Congress


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Sex worker advocacy organization (no longer active)
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