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Ipswich Labour Party, UK Biography

Con to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“Labour Councillors’ Suggested Response:

The councillors believe that a sustained and properly funded programme combining tough enforcement, physical deterrence measures and help to get out of prostitution would have a significant effect on reducing the problem of street prostitution in Ipswich. The main elements of such a programme should be:

  • Increased high visibility patrols by police and community safety officers.
  • Better and more widely publicised procedures for reporting prostitution and kerb crawling.
  • Use of mobile CCTV cameras in selected locations
  • Improved street lighting
  • A comprehensive programme of alley-gating in affected roads
  • Increased street cleaning resources in affected areas; better publicised reporting procedures for used needles and condoms; improved response to reports of used needles and condoms.
  • More enforcement action to be taken against both prostitutes and kerb crawlers; more and better use of ASBO’s; consideration given to ‘naming and shaming’ kerb crawlers.
  • More help for women to get out of prostitution. In particular more resources to be put into drug treatment.”

“Results of Ipswich Street Prostitution Survey,” Ipswich Labour Party, Aug. 4, 2006


The Ipswich branch of the Labour Party, UK, consisting of the Ipswich Borough and Suffolk County Labour Councillors elected by Ipswich residents.

Ipswich Labour Party website (accessed Dec. 11, 2007)


“Building a Future for Ipswich”

Ipswich Labour Party website (accessed Dec. 11, 2007)

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