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John Paul, II Biography

264th Pope of the Catholic Apostolic Roman Church
Con to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“Nor can we fail, in the name of the respect due to the human person, to condemn the widespread hedonistic and commercial culture which encourages the systematic exploitation of sexuality and corrupts even very young girls into letting their bodies be used for profit.”

Letter To Women, June 29, 1995

Theoretical Expertise Ranking:
Individuals with MDs, JDs, PhDs, or equivalent advanced degrees in fields relevant to the study of prostitution. Also top-level government officials (such as foreign leaders, US presidents, Founding Fathers, Supreme Court Justices, members of legislative bodies, cabinet members, military leaders, etc.) with positions relevant to prostitution issues.
Involvement and Affiliations:
  • 264th Pope of the Catholic Apostolic Roman Church, 1978-2005
  • Freedom Award, International Republican Institute, 2005 (posthumous)
  • Nominee, Nobel Peace Prize, 2004
  • International Charlemagne Prize, 2004
  • Doctorate, “Honoris Causa,” Jurisprudence, La Sapienza University, Rome, 2003
  • Honorary Citizenship of Rome, 2002
  • Honorary Harlem Globetrotter, 2000
  • Doctorate, “Honoris Causa,” Johannes Guttenberg University, Mainz, 1977
  • Vatican Council II, 1962-1965
  • Cardinal, 1967-1978
  • Archbishop of Krakow, 1964-1967
  • Titular Bishop of Ombi, 1958-1964
  • Doctorate, Sacred Theology, Jagiellonian University, 1948
  • Masters, Theology, Jagiellonian University, 1946
  • Priestly Ordination, Archbishop Metropolitan Adam Sapieha, 1946
  • Deceased: Apr. 2, 2005
Quoted in:
  1. Should Prostitution Be Legal?