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Marie De Santis Biography

Founding Director of the Women's Justice Center
Con to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“This Swedish experiment is the single, solitary example in a significant sized population of a prostitution policy that works. In 2003, the Scottish government in looking to revamp its own approach to prostitution enlisted the University of London to do a comprehensive analysis of outcomes of prostitution policies in other countries. In addition to reviewing Sweden’s program, the researchers chose Australia, Ireland, and the Netherlands to represent various strategies of legalizing and/or regulating prostitution. The researchers did not review the situation where prostitution is criminalized across the board as it is in the US. The outcome of that approach is already well known. The failures and futility of the revolving door of arresting and rearresting prostitutes is all too familiar the world over.”

Peacework, June-July 2005

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Founder and Director, Women’s Justice Center/Centro de Justicia para Mujeres, 1998-present
  • Jefferson Award, American Institute for Public Service, Feb. 2006
  • Former Advocate, Women Against Rape
  • Former Organizer, [name not listed] international fishermen’s union, Columbia
  • Captain, commercial fishing vessel, 1971-1980
  • Journalist, 1970
  • Instructor, The Mitford Institute
  • Advisory Board Member, Communities Against Violence Network (CAVNET)
  • Coordinator, Task Force on Women in Policing
  • Attended PhD program, Chemistry, University of Chicago, 1969
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