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Marshall Frank Biography

Retired Captain from the Metro-Dade Police Department
Pro to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“It’s time for legislators to wake up from slumber land by legalizing and regulating prostitution…

Some folks disapprove of the immoral nature of sex for sale and, perhaps, rightfully so. But judging morality is for churches, employers, family members and peers. It should not be a matter for law enforcement, court dockets and jail cells, costing the taxpayer dearly, every day, every month, every year…

Prostitution flourishes in the black market that would not exist if brothels and hookers were legitimized, licensed, medically inspected, zoned and taxed. Like drugs, gambling and other crimes of morality, or alcohol prohibition of years past, the black market is nourished by draconian laws that forever fail to accomplish its intended purpose…

In Germany, and other countries, prostitution is legal and taxed. They turn the ‘crime’ into an economic plus. In other countries like the United States, we create the ‘crime,’ which turns the behavior into an economic negative. And, it’s still a thriving business, law or no law.”

“Frank: Let’s Legalize, Regulate Prostitution,”, Aug. 29, 2015

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Author, 1994-present
  • Captain, Metro-Dade Police Department, 1960-1990
  • Former United States Marine Corps Reservist
  • Former symphony violinist
  • Former ballroom dance instructor
  • BS, Criminal Justice, Florida International University, 1977
  • Born in New York, NY
  • Lives in Melbourne, FL
  • Headed over 1,000 homicide investigations and testified in over 100 murder trials.
  • Was shot in the line of duty in 1965
  • Testified before the US Congress in May 1980 about crime in America
  • Has authored over 1,000 editorials and magazine articles
  • Founding member, Dick-Doc Duo light entertainers, 2006-present
Quoted in:
  1. Should Prostitution Be Legal?