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Michael Horowitz, LLB Biography

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute
Con to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“[H]istorians will also note the attacks on the Bush administration and Miller [Ambassador John R. Miller] from a shrill claque of academic feminists and their radical chic allies — and by doing so these historians will understand the reasons for the declining state of the 21st-century American left. They will see in the critics’ attacks liberal utopianism at its worst — the belief that until all poverty and all exploitation of the weak has ended, targeted efforts ‘merely’ to ameliorate such ‘symptoms’ as the mafia-conducted destruction of millions of girls and women in the sex trade are distractions from the need to eliminate ‘root causes.’ Historians will see in these attacks rhetoric and ideology unhinged from reality, a worship of materialist goals, contempt for traditional values, and a moral stinginess that denies credit for good work to any but political allies.

…[T[he critics endorse the big lie of Pretty Woman and act as if the Julia Roberts character exists beyond Hollywood. The critics routinely seek ‘sex worker unions,’ government-trafficker condom distribution partnerships, and government regulation — as if written contracts or OSHA-mandated ergonomic mattresses could ever trump the ability of pimps to exploit the abused and psychologically manipulable runaway girls they prey upon.”

The American Spectator, Dec. 2005-Jan. 2006

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Director and Senior Fellow, Project for Civil Justice Reform, Hudson Institute
  • Director, Project for International Religious Liberty, Hudson Institute
  • Attorney, 1967-present
  • General Counsel, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), White House, 1981-1985
  • Associate Professor of Law, University of Mississippi, 1965-1967
  • Former Acting Director, Judicial Studies Program, Manhattan Institute
  • Former Adjunct Professor, Georgetown Law School
  • Former Special Counsel, Committee on the Judicial Branch, Judicial Conference of the United States
  • Former Special Counsel, National Council of Young Israel
  • Former Chairman, President Reagan’s Domestic Policy Council on Federalism
  • Former Co-Chairman, President Reagan’s Cabinet Council’s Working Group on Legal/Tort Policy
  • Former Advisor to the Czech, Slovak, and Bulgarian Academies of Science
  • Former Vice President, Bulgarian American Friendship Society
  • Former Counsel and Trustee, Save Cambodia, Inc.
  • Former National Advisory Board Member, Institute for Democracy in Vietnam
  • LLB, Yale Law School, 1964
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  1. Should Prostitution Be Legal?