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Mohamed Mattar, LLB, SJD Biography

Executive Director of the Protection Project
Con to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“Some legislation institutes legalize prostitution, some decriminalize, and some punish the women that are in prostitution. Others punish the customer, and I like that approach. The Swedish Law makes buying sex, not selling sex, a crime. You get up to six months imprisonment for this offense.”

Speech in Chisinau, Moldova, Nov. 17-18, 2003

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Executive Director, Protection Project, Johns Hopkins University
  • Former Professor, Alexandria University, Egypt; Arab University of Beirut, Lebanon; American University’s Washington College of Law; and Georgetown University Law Center
  • Former Legal Advisor, Cultural Mission to the United States, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
  • Former Legal Advisor, Embassy of the United Arab Emirates
  • Former Legal Advisor, Abu Dhabi Free Zone Authority, United Arab Emirates
  • Former Legal Advisor, Arab National Bank, Saudi Arabia
  • LLB, honors, Alexandria University, Egypt
  • DPL, honors, Alexandria University, Egypt
  • MCL, University of Miami
  • SJD, Tulane University, 1986
  • LLM, Tulane University, 1983
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