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Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs Biography

Pro to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“To end abuses in the sex industry, the Netherlands decided to change the law to reflect everyday reality. It is now legal to employ prostitutes who are over the age of consent, and do the work voluntarily, but stricter measures have been introduced under criminal law to prevent exploitation. The legalisation of brothels enables the government to exercise more control over the sex industry and counter abuses. The police conduct frequent controls of brothels and are thus in a position to pick up signs of human trafficking. This approach is in the interests of prostitutes themselves, and it facilitates action against sexual violence and abuse and human trafficking.”

Dutch Policy on Prostitution: Questions and Answers, 2005


“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the channel through which the Dutch Government communicates with foreign governments and international organisations. It coordinates and carries out Dutch foreign policy.” (accessed July 2, 2007)


“All over the world, the Kingdom of the Netherlands has missions: embassies, consulates, and permanent representations to international organisations. The missions are the eyes, ears, and voice of the Netherlands. Embassies and consulates are bilateral missions that promote Dutch interests and assist Dutch nationals living or travelling abroad. Embassies are also active in development cooperation and press and cultural affairs. Consulates, subordinate to embassies, carry out more practical, routine tasks. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague coordinates the worldwide network of missions. This factsheet describes in more detail what they do.”

“About Dutch missions,” (accessed July 2, 2007)

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