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Nils Johan Ringdal Biography

Pro to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“Prostitutes have crossed many borders and achieved considerable results within the sex industry and in international society. Australia’s top prostitution agencies are listed on the stock exchange. The prostitutes’ clients in Amsterdam have formed their own organization and regularly negotiate on fees, much as large cities regulate taxi fares. Denmark and Netherlands provide the handicapped and people in a number of government-run institutions with regular visits from professional sex therapists, with taxi fare included.

This concern for the mental and physical health and happiness of the handicapped in no way reflects a similar rise in concern for prostitutes; not even AIDS, with its grave problems for prostitutes, seems to have contributed to that. The general view of prostitute women has changed very little. They continue to be seen as second-class species, with the double stigma of their gender and profession. They have a long way to go before being granted the rights otherwise considered inherent in humankind.”

Love For Sale: A World History of Prostitution, 2004

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