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Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People Biography

Con to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“She [the prostitute] is a human being, in many cases crying for help because selling her body on the street is not what she would choose to do voluntarily. She is torn apart, she is dead psychologically and spiritually. Each person has a different story, mainly one of violence, abuse, mistrust, low self esteem, fear, lack of opportunities. Each has experienced deep wounds that need to be healed.”

First International Meeting of Pastoral Care for the Liberation of Women of the Street, June 20-21, 2006


“On 19 March 1970, with the Motu Proprio Apostolicae Caritatis, Pope Paul VI established the ‘Pontificia Commissio de Spirituali Migratorum atque Itinerantium Cura’, with the task of studying and providing pastoral care to ‘people on the move’ such as: migrants, exiles, refugees, displaced people, fishermen and seafarers, air travelers, road transport workers, nomads, circus people, fairground workers, pilgrims and tourists, as well as those categories of people who, for various reasons, are involved in human mobility, such as students abroad, and operators and technicians engaged in large projects or scientific research at the international level who are obliged to move from one country to another.” (accessed Apr. 11, 2007)


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