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Ronald Reagan Biography

40th President of the United States
Con to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“Prostitution has been listed as a nonvictim crime. Well, is anyone naive enough to believe that prostitution just depends on willing employees coming in and saying that’s the occupation they want to practice? It doesn’t.

…Talk to law enforcement people about the seamy side of how the recruiting is done, including what in an earlier day was called the white slave traffic – and you will find that the recruiting for prostitution is not one of just taking an ad in the paper and saying come be a prostitute and letting someone walk in willingly.”

Reason Magazine, July 1975

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Congressional Gold Medal, 2002
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom, 1993
  • 40th U.S. President, 1981-1989
  • Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, United Kingdom, 1989
  • Grand Cordon of the Order of the Chrysanthemum, Japan, 1989
  • Republican Presidential candidate, did not receive party nomination, 1975-1976
  • Governor of California, 1967-1975
  • Made 53 motion pictures and one TV movie, 1945-65
  • Political career launched in speech for Barry Goldwater, 1964
  • Officially changed to Republican Party, 1962
  • Campaigned for Richard Nixon for President, 1960
  • Campaigned as a Democrat for Eisenhower, 1952, 1956
  • President, Screen Actors Guild, 1947
  • First Motion Picture Unit, Army Air Force, made over 400 training films, 1942
  • Actor, Warner Brothers, 1937-1942
  • Radio Announcer, WCO (Davenport, Iowa) & WHO (Des Moines, Iowa), 1932
  • BA, Economics and Sociology, Eureka College (Illinois), 1932
  • Deceased: June 5, 2004
Quoted in:
  1. Should Prostitution Be Legal?