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Tucker Carlson Biography

Contributor to FOX News
Pro to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“[T]his woman [a madam] is providing a service in that she keeps street walkers off the street. The problem with prostitution — the biggest problem is it‘s ugly and disruptive when conducted outside, OK?

You don‘t want to see women soliciting. It‘s bad for kids to see that. They make a mess. They snarl traffic. It just makes the quality of life less, OK? So a woman who conducts it inside and allows it to take place hidden is actually doing a service to the rest of us.

…Many, many crimes in this society we overlook because we don‘t have enough people to enforce the laws that make those things illegal. It‘s a matter of selective policing. And in this case, they‘ve gone after someone who isn‘t hurting anyone, who, in fact, is performing a public service.”

The Situation with Tucker Carlson, July 28, 2005

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  • Contributor, FOX News
  • Founder and Editor in Chief, The Daily Caller website
  • Former television host, MSNBC’s Tucker
  • Former blogger,’s “Untied”
  • Contributing Editor, The Weekly Standard
  • Contributing Writer, City Journal
  • Contributor, Esquire
  • Former Host, CNN’s Crossfire
  • Former Host and Managing Editor, PBS’s Tucker Carlson: Unfiltered
  • Finalist, National Magazine Award, 2004
  • Attended Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut (3 years)
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