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Wichita Police Department Biography

Con to the question "Should Prostitution Be Legal?"

“The Wichita Police Department is committed to proactively addressing crimes and to improving the quality of life for our citizens. To achieve these goals, and in the spirit of our community policing philosophy, the department works closely with our citizens and neighborhoods, employing a number of proactive initiatives including prostitution arrest operations, also known as ‘prostitution stings.’

Prostitution stings represent one aspect of the department’s comprehensive effort to rid Wichita of crimes that detract from our quality of life. A number of other criminal offenses coincide with prostitution, including assault, robbery and theft. Because many prostitutes and other persons associated with prostitution are drug users, illegal drug sales and usage are also linked with and perpetuated by prostitution. Therefore prostitution increases public health concerns, specifically the spread of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, and other blood disorders.

Prostitution also exists, because those who solicit it, also known as ‘johns,’ are willing to risk arrest. These ‘johns’ are equally responsible for related criminal public safety and public health issues. They make it increasingly difficult for prostitutes to break the cycle of crime, violence and drug use.”, 2007


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