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1939 – Nazis Regulate Prostitution

The Nazis began regulating brothels in the fall of 1934. “By 1939 at the latest, Nazi prostitution policies diverged in important ways from previous systems of regulationism. Conventionally, state-regulated prostitution aimed to protect ‘respectable’ society against moral ‘pollution’ by prostitutes. The Nazis also strove to eradicate street soliciting and to confine prostitutes to tightly supervised brothels…. For the first time, a German government made the establishment of supervised brothels compulsory for all cities and issued standardized regulations for the operation of ‘public houses.’ What was new about the Nazi system… was the attempt to use the state… to create a certain form of human sexuality. Nazi brothels aimed to maintain the physical fitness and morale of ‘Aryan’ men. At the same time, the persecution of prostitutes intensified greatly. Previously, prostitutes who violated police orders were punished with fines or short prison and workhouse sentences. In the Third Reich, such violations frequently led to streetwalkers’ internment in a concentration camp.”