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Aug. 26, 2013 – Zurich Launches Drive-in “Sex Boxes”

“Although prostitution is legal in Switzerland, critics say the law actually offers little protection to the women themselves…

Now the city has come up with a solution it believes will protect them: soliciting on the streets will be forbidden, and instead prostitutes and their clients will be expected to use a custom-built compound on an industrial site in the Zurich suburbs.

The facility opens this week; inside the gates, which are manned by security guards, there is a ‘strip’ which men can drive down, and select the woman of their choice…

But since all business must take place inside the compound, there are drive-in ‘sex boxes’, and here the measures taken to protect the women are very apparent.

On the driver’s side, the boxes are very narrow, making it difficult for him to get out of the car. On the passenger side, there is plenty of space, an alarm button and an emergency exit.”

“The Zurich sex box experiment follows their largely successful introduction in Germany, where they have been in operation in designated big city areas since 2001. They are reported to have led to a ‘considerable drop’ in violence against sex workers.

But in Dortmund [Germany], a number of sex boxes installed in 2007, were closed down in 2011 after they fell under the control of eastern European gangs.”